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SOPEX CONSULTING is a Belgian consulting and management office active in the agricultural, agro-industrial and infrastructure sectors.

In each of these sectors, Sopex Consulting carries out identification and feasibility studies, provides technical assistance, manages, supervises and assesses development projects and programmes, undertakes audits, trains people.

Regarding the agricultural sector, Sopex Consulting manages large agricultural areas, engaged in grain production, cash crops and market gardening.

In the agro-industrial sector, Sopex Consulting performs engineering studies, technical audits and manages entire complexes.

In the infrastructure sector, Sopex Consulting conducts preliminary design studies and writes tender documents. We also carry out the supervision of works.

SOPEX CONSULTING  | Romeinsesteenweg 192  - 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium | Tel : +32 3 285 39 77 | Email :